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Not Such an Ordinary Life After All

Nick Evans

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s... a story of school days and teenage years in the UK as the Cold War grumbled in the background, with all its consequences and implications for our generation.

WW2 was fresh in the minds of our parents. TV showed us the war being fought in Vietnam, along with technological progress in space, science and medicine. It was an amazing time to grow up.

This is also the story of a life spent travelling the world with work, detailing the adventures, privations, dangers and fun, in equal measure.

With recollections of life in Shakespeare's home town, experiences in Malvern, music, classic cars, motor racing, aviation, the sea, nature and extensive third world travel, it is the tale of;

Not Such an Ordinary Life After All...

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Nick Evans's life has been spent travelling and working in geophysical exploration. It involved worldwide travel to locations the normal traveller will never see or experience. His activities during his teenage years included rugby, the world of music, singing in choirs, the CCF Cadets, and an education at the same school Shakespeare attended.

An Outward Bound school course at the Moray Sea School, aged nineteen, seemingly ignited his taste for adventure, and enabled him to survive the many hazards and dangers he experienced around the world.

His love of music, gardening, and an active life, along with a love of classic cars, that started during his time spent in Malvern at the RRE, takes up most of his time now. His interests are shared by Lorella, his wife of forty years.

The Italian Alps have a special place in their hearts and is where they intend to spend their autumn years.