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Normal at 40?

Kate Mangold

Do you often wonder about other peoples' lives and how they compare to your own? Do some people really have it all? Do you choose to age gracefully or disgracefully? And most importantly... does turning forty mean life is over or that it has just begun?

Normal at 40? is a true story of my life journey so far, with hilarious travel tales that will make you laugh, everyday life challenges that we can all relate to, but also devastating and desperate sadness that will make you cry. An easy-going but thought-provoking read that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and make you think more about your own life - do you really need more or should you appreciate what you already have?

Normal at 40? may change your whole outlook on life, so come along on my journey with me and see what happens...

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Kate Mangold has worked as a corporate event logistics manager for most of her adult life and lives in Surrey.

Her travel stories started as personal memoirs, however, with the twists and turns that her life took, she wanted to share both the good and bad moments that many can relate to so decided to write her first book, Normal at 40?
The book is being published around the world.