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Children of Change: A Memoir

Carole Kelly

This powerful and immensely nostalgic story centres around Olympic hopeful Chloe, whose promising career as a swimmer is devastatingly shut down at the age of fourteen by a rape and its ensuing pregnancy.

Born in unusual circumstances and raised by loving, but strict disciplinarian parents, while still just a child, Chloe faces tragedy born out of ignorance. Growing up in a Catholic environment in a small mining town in the sixties, this damaged child digs deep and rises above her circumstances to become an elite sportswoman, a loving mother and a highly successful businesswoman with an obsession for travel. Chloe garnishes her enormous capacity to cope from her emotionally strong English mother and her huge love of life from her always-supportive Irish father.

It will be difficult for you to remain untouched as you travel Chloe's pathway through life, arriving at this strong, determined woman's eventual rise from the ashes of her past. At times you will smile as similar memories are evoked: at times you will cry for the agony of loneliness, pain and bewilderment evident between the pages. Whatever emotions it engenders, perhaps it will lead you sometime, somewhere, down the road less travelled.


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Carole Kelly (Humphreys) was raised in the small Central Queensland historic township of Mount Morgan, famous for its past wealth from gold and copper mining. It is this community that draws Carole back time and again, for it is an integral part of who she is. Carole lived in Brisbane and Cairns before moving to Melbourne in 1980 where she has raised her daughters, enjoyed a successful career and continues to be involved with sport. Always curious about what's around the corner, she has built up an enviable travel portfolio.