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At Summer's End

Richard John Scarr

The majority of people have no idea where we go when we leave this world behind. The aim of this book is to explain how we make our transition, where we go and what to expect when we reach the Summer Land, or the Land of Love and Light, the Spirit World, as it is also known, and its nature.

Here, Richard John Scarr, the recently deceased prominent Christian Spiritualist healer and poet, takes the reader on a journey through Spiritualism, through personal anecdotes, answering some of the questionst that those unfamiliar might ask, in great detail.

If you ever wondered what Spiritualists believe about your beloved pets, whether a soul has more than one life, or what happens to those who lead truly evil lives, this book will explain. Throughout the book are also Scarr's popular poems, often used at funerals and memorials to soothe grief and put a positive spin on the passing of a loved one.


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The author is a Spiritualist, a spirit healer and a spirit writer. His work is used by funeral websites and religious organisations around the world. At any one time there are some sixty or seventy funeral or religious websites using his poems online (The Poems of Richard John Scarr). In one instance, one of his poems, No Debt to Pay, is engraved on the rear of the memorial stone of a young Canadian soldier who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2008.