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RD Baron

Way back in 1960s Great Britain there were two distinct groups of young people, leather clad, rock and roll loving, motorbike riding rockers and their sworn enemy, the sharply dressed mods, who rode their gleaming Italian scooters and loved the music of new bands such as The Who and The Small Faces. On the occasions the two disparate gangs came together the outcome was often violent.
Our hero Paul was a Lambretta riding mod, who loved his life of pubs, girls and parties. Paul lived with his widowed mother and younger sister, his mother disaproved of his lifestyle and his sister envied him the freedom he had.
In A Mod's Tale we follow Paul and his mates in their persuit of parties and pretty girls. If you were around during the 1960s this book will no doubt bring memories of your youth flooding back, if you were too young to remember the 1960s - this is what you missed!

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I have had a varied career working in advertising, men's fashion clothing retail, and finally retiring from contracts work in the aircraft industry. I enjoy reading, especially historical novels.
I have also always been keen on sport and have taken part in fencing, Judo, Kung Fu, kickboxing, running and swimming.
Since I have retired I enjoy going for long walks with my wife and appreciate her excellent cooking skills. I also try to exercise as much as possible to try and stave off the effects of ageing.