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  • Adolescent Love

    Brian Robson

    Set in the 1950s, this is the story of John and Janet, teenagers discovering love for the first time, as seen through the eyes of John sixty years later. This was the era when barbers would discreetly offer customers ‘something for the weekend', but the swinging sixties had not yet arrived and sex before marriage was still frowned on.  


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  • A London Apprentice

    Chris Waterlow

    Born to industrious working-class parents, Sydney Hedley Waterlow endured a tough, unforgiving childhood education only to discover an enviable and undoubted talent in the printing industry while still an apprentice to the trade. On gaining his freedom he went on to partner his father and brothers in a world-famous family printing firm before using his business skills to highlight and greatly improve the life cond


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  • Finding Forever: Chronicles of an Expat Teenager

    Gabi Bellairs-Lombard

    From heavy metal music bands to monobrows and mood swings, this story is about navigating adolescence in a foreign country, surrounded by other teenagers from varying backgrounds and cultures. Gabi writes about her life - her experiences and the emotional fallout - after her family moved to Saudi Arabia from Johannesburg when she was twelve-years-old. Her story reflects the difficulties of growing up in


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  • Chasing Rainbows: The Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle

    Richard Stuttle

    On the 10th April, the Stuttle family received the worst news possible. The headline in the newspaper read ‘English backpacker thrown to her death in Australia’.  The book is an insightful real-life story of ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances. A turbulent journey and the devastating impact of the murder of Caroline Ann Stuttle. The story is told from her bro


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  • The Truth?

    Heather Jones

    Shrouded in the chronicles of time is the ancient enigma of the Knights' Templar and their unfaltering allegiance to the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Dynasty and subsequent connections to one of the most sought after and pursued relics of all time... The Holy Grail. Many honorable men died protecting this sacred treasure; thousands were cruelly slaughtered for their non-conformist beliefs and devotion to th


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    Dr Bernard Lester BDS (U.Manc) MJDF RCS

    With over fifty years' experience as a dentist, Bernard Lester recalls the triumphs and disasters, the dramas and close calls of his work in both the NHS and private practice, in an honest and humorous account. From medical school to practice owner, follow his story as he describes the characters - both staff and patients - who filled his life with laughter and tears, as he pursued his career.


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  • The Man with Mud on His Boots

    Peter Chainey

    From humble beginnings on a post-war council estate to the highest courts in the land, Peter Chainey's life encompasses both the rough and tumble of growing up in the bomb sites of Southampton and the thrill of creating new statute law and meeting Diana Dors. Family, tragedy and love are interlaced with the law, civic responsibility and community representation, in this memoir set against the background of the


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  • Children of Change: A Memoir

    Carole Kelly

    This powerful and immensely nostalgic story centres around Olympic hopeful Chloe, whose promising career as a swimmer is devastatingly shut down at the age of fourteen by a rape and its ensuing pregnancy. Born in unusual circumstances and raised by loving, but strict disciplinarian parents, while still just a child, Chloe faces tragedy born out of ignorance. Growing up in a Catholic environment in a smal


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  • A Boy of the Sixties

    James David Hudson

    How could he have possibly known that a promise made to his girlfriend would have such dramatic consequences? A story of a childhood altered forever by one night's turn of events. Bullied, beaten, accused, betrayed and shunned. With the odds stacked against him, fourteen-year-old Jimmy faces a life without his family, but most importantly, without his girl. Falling into bitterness and despair, he vows t


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  • My Life in Trouble - Confessions of an Army Doctor

    Mike Beaufort

    After a computer error identified his so-called ‘drink problem' and he ends up in hospital suffering from concussion (two totally unconnected incidents!), Mike's journey is tempered with a hefty dose of self-deprecating wit mixed with a genuine and touching commitment to the welfare of his patients. From the tragic to the terrifying and the farcical to the funny, this is a gloriously irreveren


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  • Puddles and Pals

    Marion L Stapleton Harley

    It all begins with a box of duck eggs... and so too does this collection of tales of everyday rural life: in a restored sixteenth century country cottage, the joys of duck rearing and ownership, the mischievous antics of the resident Jack Russells, and a cockerel literally ruling the roost. This engaging and gentle memoir takes readers on a humorous journey through the rural idyll. Purchased in 1991 in the


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  • Kissed by Sun and Wind

    Ann Hudson

    Ann Hudson writes on decisions for early retirement, highlighting the difference today, in the twenties, of the choice to cash in one's pension, in contrast to being pensioned off in the eighties, and in doing so questions how, and if, to use one's leisure interests to increase one's pension to a ripe old age.  


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