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  • The Scent of a Pool

    Richard Harper

    ‘What do we do?' I reply. ‘Well, I thought it was something like a dance around things, around each of us as we get to know each other, that was what I thought I was going to write about.' I halt for a moment. ‘Well, maybe not a dance.' My thoughts focus on the topic of my inner life, how that doesn't see at all like a dance. The Scent of a Pool is part memoir, part refl


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  • Panics and Pleasures of a Pet-Sitter

    Wal Kiesman

    Just how many panics can you have looking after pets while their owners are on holiday? Plenty it seems! This entertaining, gentle hearted book written with more than a dash of humour will make you feel good about having chosen to read it. Each chapter reveals various situations the writer and their better half come across as they embark on a new career as house and pet sitters, leading them both to


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  • Diary of a 60's Teenager

    John C Teasdale

    What was growing up in the swinging sixties like for a teenage boy in Nottingham? An only child in a family of modest means who was keen on sport. How did he survive in a world without mobile phones, computers and colour TV? His class was asked to keep a weekly diary; what did he write about? Was it girls, sport, films, school, dances? How did he miss the chance to see The Beatles at a local venue just after their


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  • Life Behind The Mask

    Jessica Storm

    A compelling story of a young mother, happy in her first marital home, running her successful dance school. But everything changed one fateful night; following a serious car accident, her husband developed paranoid schizophrenia. A year of desperation, misery, attempted murder, a shooting and a suicide followed. A second husband with rage issues led to physical abuse of her son and a life of fear.


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  • Delirium

    Jack Léon Mackey

    Jack wakes up from an hour of sleep. His bed is soaked in sweat and the shakes arrive just like they do every other morning. Jack is twenty-two and addicted to alcohol. In this society of ours, we aren't taught that alcohol withdrawal can kill you; we aren't aware of the steps you need to take when this affects someone you love. In this book, Jack's addiction is told through his ow


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    Suzan Mutesi

    What is it truly like to leave your home and enter a whole new world? What does it take to succeed where thousands fail and leave your mark in not just one field, but several? How does one cope with all the adversity that weighs us down every day? And how can you remain true to yourself even through all this? In this riveting new book, award winning Ugandan-Australian fashion designer, model, actres


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  • Around the Adriatic

    Tony Straw

    In Christchurch, New Zealand, a devastating earthquake sets off a chain of events that culminate three years later in an unexpected wedding. Newlyweds Lee and Tony Straw are then given the idea of a honeymoon cruising the Mediterranean. But Kiwis don't travel such formidable distances for a short cruise. A driving tour is added, and the journey grows. And grows. Beginning with a false start at Shanghai,


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  • The Heart of Violence

    Stephen Singular

    Journalist Stephen Singular, a New York Times bestselling author, has written books about some of the most high-profile crimes in recent American history: the O.J. Simpson case, the JonBenet Ramsey case, and the saga of the BTK serial killer. Until now, he's probed human violence from the outside, documenting other people's stories. In The Heart of Violence, he turns the lens inward, combining true crime w


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    The contents of this little booklet have been derived from the material presented in Bazza's seminal book; Relationships - The Spiritual and the Profane. Whilst each saying represents a stand-alone statement; collectively, the overall theme of them all is to encourage you to reclaim you God-given power of self-determination. Saying 64 declares that - "The Unseen Hand will guide you; unasked;


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  • Menopause WTH!

    Annie Cardone

    Annie Cardone uses her own experience of the menopause to shed light on the subject and to understand why so many women suffer in silence, largely due to the stigma surrounding women and the aging process. Criticising the use of antidepressants prescribed by many doctors as a solution to menopause, this book instead provides simple, workable solutions which help to conquer the symptoms of menopause by sh


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    Jacky Trevane

    How on earth can you ‘fall into' online dating? Well, separated and sixty-four, I somehow managed to do just that, and what an experience that turned out to be! Bewildering, fascinating, at times a real laugh and a few narrow escapes thrown into the mix, I survived to tell the tale. Frogs, Frauds, Perverts or (Potential) Princes? The author's own story, this is an honest accou


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  • My Midlife Chrysalis

    Gaynor Moore

    Gaynor escaped an abusive marriage riddled with fear and insecurity and was afraid to live. Any spark she once had had long been extinguished. When she began to find herself, she decided to grab life with both hands and start living. What had she got to lose? Looking a lot younger than her years, and dressed provacatively, her first unplanned initimate encounter was with a French bar manager in a lar


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