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  • Tony Jacklin: My Ryder Cup Journey

    Tony Jacklin & Tony Jimenez

    Tony Jacklin rescued the Ryder Cup from oblivion. Following years of American domination, interest in the event nosedived in the 1970s. It was Tony's appointment as captain of Europe in 1983 that helped resuscitate the matches and launch the remarkable transformation of a competition that is now one of the biggest showpiece occasions in the world of sport. This book takes us on a journey through Tony


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  • A Year Without Beer

    Geoff Gibson

    He was overweight, barely able to surf, in chronic pain and in the doghouse... A Year Without Beer is the journey of a man standing at the crossroads. The choice was to be this person for the foreseeable future or to change habits, the habit being drinking way too much, way too often. Written in real time over a three-year period, this is the journey of failure, heartache, hope an


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  • July 20th - A Goon Landing

    Damian Carter

    Damian's father told him that the first moon landing was an elaborate celebration for his birthday. When a father bullshits so much for his and your amusement, it makes for a happy childhood. This book tackles the twin joys of bereavement and divorce with a brevity bordering on stupidity. It is a reflection of the coping mechanism used by someone whose emotional intelligence would be rejected out of hand by Me


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  • The Silent Towers Speak

    Valerie Helps

    THE SILENT TOWERS SPEAK - Secrets of the Deep Mani ARTWORK VALERIE HELPS AND GEOFFREY BULL The Silent Towers Speak is Valerie's third illustrated book. It tells of her exciting life exploring a remote region of the southern Peloponnese with her partner, Geoffrey. This book, based on h


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  • Heartbreak to Healing - Ponderings on the Camino

    Edward Cearns

    This is a book for our time; living in the shadow of a global pandemic, with much uncertainty and darkness, this is a book of hope; stepping out on the path of light. Based on a daily journal I recorded when walking part of the Camino de Santiago, this beautifully illustrated book shares with honesty, pathos and humour, the experience of a modern pilgrim. For those unable to travel right now, y


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  • Over the Tins

    Sid Kennedy

    A terraced house bubbling with siblings, an expansive wasteland perfect for playing, and the mouth-watering smells of Ma's home baking wafting through the Four Streets - what could be more idyllic for a young boy from Derry? But a strict authoritarian da, fierce sibling rivalry and the smoky-grey skies of the Troubles pierced every sinew of his skinny frame. Fear didn't just visit him -


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  • Normal at 40?

    Kate Mangold

    Do you often wonder about other peoples' lives and how they compare to your own? Do some people really have it all? Do you choose to age gracefully or disgracefully? And most importantly... does turning forty mean life is over or that it has just begun? Normal at 40? is a true story of my life journey so far, with hilarious travel tales that will make you laugh, everyday life ch


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  • Boy Moscow Cold War Exploits and Adventures

    Kevin Paul Scarrott

    What's it like to be a teenager when your father works for the British embassy in Moscow during the Cold War? Kevin Scarrott was that teenager (as were others in Moscow and other postings around the world). Where do you go to school in that situation? What's your social life like? And how do you make friends when you and your family are always moving to the next foreign posting? Scarrot


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  • Adolescent Love

    Brian Robson

    Set in the 1950s, this is the story of John and Janet, teenagers discovering love for the first time, as seen through the eyes of John sixty years later. This was the era when barbers would discreetly offer customers ‘something for the weekend', but the swinging sixties had not yet arrived and sex before marriage was still frowned on.  


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  • A London Apprentice

    Chris Waterlow

    Born to industrious working-class parents, Sydney Hedley Waterlow endured a tough, unforgiving childhood education only to discover an enviable and undoubted talent in the printing industry while still an apprentice to the trade. On gaining his freedom he went on to partner his father and brothers in a world-famous family printing firm before using his business skills to highlight and greatly improve the life cond


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  • Finding Forever: Chronicles of an Expat Teenager

    Gabi Bellairs-Lombard

    From heavy metal music bands to monobrows and mood swings, this story is about navigating adolescence in a foreign country, surrounded by other teenagers from varying backgrounds and cultures. Gabi writes about her life - her experiences and the emotional fallout - after her family moved to Saudi Arabia from Johannesburg when she was twelve-years-old. Her story reflects the difficulties of growing up in


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  • Chasing Rainbows: The Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle

    Richard Stuttle

    On the 10th April, the Stuttle family received the worst news possible. The headline in the newspaper read ‘English backpacker thrown to her death in Australia’.  The book is an insightful real-life story of ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances. A turbulent journey and the devastating impact of the murder of Caroline Ann Stuttle. The story is told from her bro


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