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  • At Summer's End

    Richard John Scarr

    The majority of people have no idea where we go when we leave this world behind. The aim of this book is to explain how we make our transition, where we go and what to expect when we reach the Summer Land, or the Land of Love and Light, the Spirit World, as it is also known, and its nature. Here, Richard John Scarr, the recently deceased prominent Christian Spiritualist healer and poet, takes the reader


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  • Dilara: The One Who Praises the Heart

    Dilara Aslantaş

    Terrorism. A haunting word for everyone who has suffered and is suffering from it. Lonely. Ashamed. Guilty. That is how she felt for many years as she tried to fight her own haunted past and mind that left her clueless. It was not her fault. The guilt had started to eat her up. It was always hard to feel like a normal person and live a normal life after the terror attack that ruined her. Dilara, an eleve


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  • Don't Drop it Nurse! Book Two

    Anne Bolam

    Anne Bolam continues her charming memoirs about her nursing career and life, with anecdotes from training in Edinburgh and her time in Aden with the Royal Airforce Nursing Service, along with tales of her childhood and life after nursing.    


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  • 98.4ºF to 37ºC - The Memoirs of Eleanor Milner SRN SCM DNC

    Eleanor Milner

    In this wonderfully evocative book, Eleanor Milner recounts tales of her life as a nurse in post-war Britain. Growing up in rural Yorkshire during the war, Eleanor trained to be a nurse in Hull before qualifying as a midwife in Liverpool. She describes the adventures of her subsequent life as a district nurse midwife back in Yorkshire before moving to coastal Lincolnshire where she worked as a district n


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  • Rogues and Royals - An Intriguing Journey

    Roger Hurst

    In 1961 a young man from an unhappy and often troubled childhood made a decision to improve his life. The ensuing journey led him to meet and serve royalty, dukes, earls and prime ministers, as well as dealing with some of the most notorious and dangerous criminals Britain has ever seen. That young man was the author of this aptly named autobiography, Rogues and Royals, which covers his remarkable journe


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  • Pele, Bestie, Ali… and Me

    Mike Malyon

    From interviewing legendary sportsmen and rock music icons, to mixing with showbiz celebrities and political bigwigs; from reporting on soccer at the highest level, to getting behind the scenes at pop concerts; from having a string of front-page scoops, to witnessing historic events; from making personal pilgrimages, to being invited inside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street... these are some of the highlight


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  • DJs on Tour - Surviving the Fast Lane

    Ross Evans

    "Why does it always happen to you?" is a question that has been put to Ross Evans on more than one occasion. While working as a DJ and tour manager, Ross travelled all over the world to pursue his dreams; in fact, there are very few countries left on Earth that Ross has not visited. Describing the people he met, the cultures he explored and exposing the truth about life as a touring DJ, DJs on T


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  • Suburban Crazy an Embellished Tale

    Teresa Wallace

    An Italian city girl living in Chicago has to adjust to life in the 'burbs when she and her husband move and leave her beloved city behind. A no-holds-barred commentary on everything that is wrong with the suburbs ensues, as tales of suburban life demonstrate exactly why this girl loves the city. From being chased by wild animals to sitting out a tornado in a big, scary, probably haunted basement, Sub


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  • Crow and a Red Feather

    Chellie Kew

    Imagine being in a world where the stars in the night sky are as an upside-down bowl spanning from horizon to horizon, and you are at the center, in your crushed jeep. Alone. Crow and a Red Feather is a story about survival, love, and courage, and about beating the odds. Written in a style that is both lyrical and evocative. As it opens, an African crow looks down on this scene in


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  • Six Pairs of Boots: Spain to Cyprus on the E4 Trail

    John Pucknell

    The E4 European Long Distance Trail is a 6,662 mile hiking route that arcs across Europe from Spain to Cyprus. Passing through eleven countries, it crosses diverse landscapes, from high mountains to unending plains, and submerges the traveller in a range of cultures, each with its own language (eight in all), cuisine and history. Contemplating obstacles such as Mount Olympus and the Pyrenees, I thought t


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  • Not Such an Ordinary Life After All

    Nick Evans

    Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s... a story of school days and teenage years in the UK as the Cold War grumbled in the background, with all its consequences and implications for our generation. WW2 was fresh in the minds of our parents. TV showed us the war being fought in Vietnam, along with technological progress in space, science and medicine. It was an amazing time to grow up. This is also


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  • Do Strawberries Turn into Ferraris?

    Julija Miliute

    In 2000, Julija makes the difficult and heartrending decision to leave her children and mother behind in Lithuania and make the risky journey to work illegally in the UK. She knows that the only way she can earn enough money to educate her children, to give them a better life, is to leave her beloved homeland behind for several months. She has to learn quickly how to harvest strawberries and it t


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