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  • The Right To Be Me

    Stella Eden

    A harrowing tale of a woman's struggle to free herself from the clutches of an abusive marriage. With a childhood that consisted of sexual abuse and emotional blackmail, she carves out a life for herself as a podiatrist - a dream she's had since childhood. Seeking the love and validation she never received as a child, she falls for the deeply manipulative, but attentive, Damian, who is to become her husban


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  • There's no Discouragement

    Michael Godley

    This touching story is about a father's recovery from the trauma of the trenches, his finding of a spiritual salvation and then his mental collapse with the return of the trauma in WW2 and separation from his only son, serving in the Royal Navy. It tells of the healing power of prayer and family love. It describes his problem with sexual frustration and his experiences in a rapidly changing society.


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  • The Gentleman Highwayman: The Life And Death Of James Maclaine 1724-1750

    Neill F. Maclaine

    A 21st Century take on an 18th Century "grub ballad". The Gentleman Highwayman follows the lives and exploits of two young Irishmen caught up in the "Bewitching Pleasures" of the London of the late 1740s. The story follows the two around the risky and perilous vicious circle that becomes their existence - obtaining cash at the end of a pair of pis


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  • Dolly and John

    L.J. Whitehead

    When we look back to the Second World War, we know we are looking at the period 1939 to 1945. For those who lived through it, whether involved in the actual fighting, or trying to keep a home together during air raids whilst worrying for loved ones overseas, there was no idea when it would end and how. Families and couples were separated not knowing when they would see each other again. Dolly and John were


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  • Dyslexia Rules KO

    Annette Dolan

    Annette Dolan has endeavoured to inject a very colourful and eventful life into this story, whilst being a dyslexic. Trials and tribulations are many, both in her personal relationships and the challenges faced when seeking employment. Her survival instinct is to be greatly admired and she presents a role model to those who are suffering the same learning difficulties. Dolan allows us to follow her life sto


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  • My Life Story: The Real Life of Brian

    Brian Winstanley

    This delightful story of a lad growing up will ring a bell with many readers. Told just how it was in days gone by, before the advent of ‘health and safety' and human rights do-gooders, and when a clip round the ear did no harm but teach a bit of respect for their elders. Born in Portslade, Brighton, in the 1940s, and brought up by his father after his mother died when he was three, Brian and his


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  • Memoirs Of A Peash Ferapist

    Eleanor Hewardine

    A voice for those who are lost for words   Eleanor Hewardine tells the story of her life working as a speech therapist in Northern Ireland. Call the Midwife gives an insight into the work of that profession. Memoirs of a Peash Ferapis gives a similar insight into work of Speech and Language Therapy.   Follow her career as she brings new h


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  • Tender Is The Ground: A Memoir About Love, Sex And Relationships

    Margaret McLaren

    "I was going to go places, I was going to do things; I was going to be up there and enjoying it all!" So said the young Margaret, a troubled teen from Buenos Aires who lived with her separated dad and granny, and who was expelled from school and missed a year of education. But how was she "going places"? It all started with James Dean and "Rock Around Th


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  • Between Dream And Fulfillment: Memoirs From The Old Guard

    Natheer Rasheed

    Natheer Rasheed was an influential figure in Jordan's development and independence in the latter half of the twentieth century. Serving the country in the armed forces from 1950, he was one of the original four founders of the Free Officers Organisation who were instrumental in the Arabisation of the Jordanian Army in 1956. In 1968 he was reappointed, at the rank of major, to the Intelligence Department by Kin


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  • All That You Can Leave Behind

    Neil Leatherbarrow

    This wasn't how it was supposed to end. A senseless tragedy leaves a father wondering why his daughter, a charismatic and talented dancer, was taken from him. He pieces the incidents together through memories of his own childhood and the thoughts of those who were closest to his daughter – from teachers, to friends, to her fellow cast members of Billy Elliot the Musical.


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  • BNP - British Nationalist Platform

    Rama Lawitry

    Rama is a patriot. He's not white. He wasn't born in this country. In fact, his country of origin was invaded by British forces and yet he is British and proud. After a confrontation with some BNP activists, he begins a journey of self-discovery to define what it is to be British and why being British has gone out of fashion. He wants to belong and be welcomed by society. Not only is it t


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  • Not A Leg To Stand On

    Mary O Brien

    Mary O'Brien never let the grass grow under her feet, even though she lost both legs at the age of two in a farm accident. As Ireland's first double amputee to be fitted with artficial limbs she soon learned to ride a bicycle and careered off into a full life. Now with colour and humour, Mary charts the milestones along the way: Growing up in a large family where her accident was never discussed.


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