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  • Girl Got Game 

    Michelle Mitchell

    The founder and creator of Glamor Hippie, a lifestyle blog that has helped inspire thousands of people across the globe to live a more meaningful and passionate life. In her debut book, Michelle has taken sharing her journey a step further to write her deep and personal memoir. Girl Got Game is an insightful collection of essays on living a life with purpose, passion and the r


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  • Teach On!

    Michele Hillory

    Teach On! tells the tale of what it is actually like to teach real life kids. The author's slant on teaching is told through her personal journey spanning over three decades. It tackles various aspects of a teacher's life and is punctuated with funny, crazy and downright bizarre anecdotes. Sprinkled with dubious ‘advice' regarding subjects such as first impressions, classroom suppli


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  • Raffles That's My Name

    Mary Ellen Forbes McMillen

    Thomas Stamford Raffles was born into a very ordinary family but rose to become a knight of the realm. Among his achievements were the founding of modern Singapore and the establishment of the London Zoo, the world's first scientific zoo. A proud Briton, he came to appreciate deeply the people and culture of Southeast Asia. He was relentless in his opposition to slavery, wherever it existed. Here we lea


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  • Chrysalis

    Mike Musgrave

    Chrysalis begins with life in the exciting happy times of the early seventies in regional Australia. Then, the edge of a cyclone hits Toowoomba in early 1974, threatening local businesses and homes. Errol Cosgrove and his housemates soon have an organised army of volunteers, including off-duty police, to help the city's citizens. In the aftermath of the cyclonic storm, Errol is targ


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  • Dodgy Mike

    Michael Yiannoudes

    This is the story of Michael. Dodgy Mike features real, witty, comical stories about family, friends, rebellious youth, teenage pranks, travels and adulthood. The anecdotes are reminiscent of a John Hughes classic filled with a little nostalgia for those 1980s' kids. They are tales you can relate to but also the types of stories you can never imagine happening to you. They are laced with mir


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  • Don't Drop it Nurse!

    Anne Bolam

    Anne Bolam takes us on a journey down memory lane recalling her life as a nurse in the 1960s. Initially training in Edinburgh, she was present at the first ever kidney transplant. She then joined the Royal Airforce Nursing Service and continued her career in Aden, Yemen, treating injured soldiers and prisoners of war. This book takes us from Edinburgh to Berkshire via Aden,with a number of anecdotal tales o


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  • Growing up with Foreigners

    Peter Frank

    The story is a mixture of adventure, fact, fear, fiction and fun about a German-Polish-Catholic woman from Upper Silesia and an Austrian-Jewish-Protestant man born in Vienna. Before arriving in England in 1939, they enjoyed comfortable lives. The man escaped Nazi tyranny and the Holocaust but his parents didn't. The woman came to England to study. Her parents fled before the advancing Russian army to


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  • Adventures in Aviation

    Wg Cdr Roy Gamblin AFC

    A fascinating glimpse into the life and career of a military and civil pilot. In a career spanning forty years, Wing Commander Roy Gamblin's work as a military pilot in the 1960s took him to fly fighter/ground attack Hunters in the Far East. He went onto operations in both piston and jet ground attack and light transport aircraft for the Sultan of Oman's Air Force during the little-known


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  • How Lucky Can You Get

    Ray Saunders

    This book tells of life during a unique period of British social history. Brought up during the great depression of the 1930s, Ray Saunders tells how he worked his way out of his impoverished ‘Dickensian' surroundings to a life filled with many opportunistic adventures. Living in Kent in ‘bomb alley' and working on the railway during the blitz and VI rocket attacks, he later


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  • A Third of a Pond

    Valerie Helps

    After years of cruising along the French waterways in their canal boat, de Villehardouin, Valerie Helps and her husband Geoffrey, decide to put down roots on terra firma. In the Loiret region of central France they discover a pond, a dilapidated farmhouse and a neglected garden which tick all their boxes. What follows is a great deal of backbreaking work and commitment, but the love the two have


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  • Salt Water and Spear Tips

    Thor F. Jensen

    A Danish filmmaker, under the apprenticeship of three Papua New Guinean master sailors, set off from Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, on the 30th of August 2016 on a world-record circumnavigation of the island of New Guinea in a traditional sailing canoe called the Tawali Pasana. Over the course of 13 months and 21 days - and some 6300 km of high adventure - what became known as ‘the fellowship of


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  • Under the Rope

    Clive Venables

    "A sideways look at fifty years of farming." Seen through the cloudy and cracked mirror of retrospection, our lives are more journeying through relationships than places, through happenings not histories, more what took place on the train than the destination. More poetry than prose. My journey through late twentieth century farming, from suburban austerity dominated Nottingham, throu


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