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  • AUTObiography

    Stewart Cant

    Discover one man's love of all things automotive in this moving autobiography. Born in 1951 in Southern Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, it was Stewart's father who first introduced him to the world of motoring through restoring vintage cars and creating many happy memories together at the Marlborough race track in Salisbury. Now a father to two sons himself, Stewart tells his story through his u


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  • The Mayflower and the Thistle

    Rosaleen Moorhead-Murphy

    Born in 1878, May Goelet was the richest heiress of her day and a member of the old New York society. When she came of age, she was said to be worth over twenty million, making her the target of many would-be suitors. May's mother, an ambitious woman, saw all the 16 prospective noblemen as potential husbands for her daughter, as she desperately wanted M


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  • King Henry's Sister Margaret: Scotland's Tudor Queen

    Mary McGrigor

    In the summer of 1503, a young girl, her beautiful auburn hair concealed beneath a snood, set forth to ride to Scotland on a white pony. Princess Margaret, daughter of Henry VII, went as the bride of King James IV of Scotland, to cement a truce between his country and her own. Unknown to her, King James was already secretly married to a lady who had been murdered to preserve the political alliance. This was just o


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  • The One Life Movement

    Kimberley Dickinson

    In her early twenties, Kimberley Dickinson had no idea who she was or what she wanted, although she thought she knew everything. After a crushingly bad breakup wrought with emotional angst, strife and upheaval, she was forced to start re-evaluating who she was, where she was and what she wanted. Propelled by circumstance, she found herself wandering around various countries searching for a place to call


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  • Someday We'll Understand

    Mavis Jameson Rukin

    This delightful story from the Second World War, told first hand by Mavis Rukin, gives a day to day reality of what it was like for ordinary folk trying to survive with little money, resources, and no knowledge of where their family was. It tells of the hardships families suffered, their resilience, and how they just got on with it and did the best they could to live each day as it comes. She r


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  • Survivor: 1851 Insurrection from New Orleans to Cuba

    Dal Cousans

    In the early morning darkness of August 1851, the Pampero left New Orleans carrying hundreds of Filibusters looking for riches, glory, and a chance to liberate Cuba. General Narciso Lopez, through love of his country, had gathered these men to liberate his homeland but the glorious reception the General expected on his return to Cuba was never to be found. Humans and Nature conspired against the Expedition to halt


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  • An Accidental Memoir

    J.P. Lachs

    J.P. Lachs relates the story of her Polish family history in this educational and insightful memoir covering the First and Second World War and the effect of Communist rule on Poland. As she journeys through her moving and emotional past, from childhood to adulthood, Lachs unearths long buried secrets shaped by a struggling country and the need to survive, all deeply ingrained in her past and the secrets kept by h


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  • Apple Insider

    C.T. Sullivan

    When Chris accompanies his wife Deborah on her secondment to her New York office, it heralds ninety-one days of joy, frustrations and craziness. As he uncovers this amazing city's history of surprises and seedy secrets, join him in his many adventures, from dicing with death in an elevator, entertaining a wacky wedding party and having a set-to with a mad traffic cop, to Deborah being arrested by air


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  • AN & i

    Ali North

    AN&i tells the true story of Ali North, a young girl from a troubled background in Northern Ireland who develops anorexia nervosa to cope with life. The book follows Ali through a number of life challenges and tragic events showing how her relationship with her eating disorder becomes her closest friend yet worst enemy. The story brings us right up to present day as the victim is now an adult rea


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  • Condensed Milk and Pickled Onions

    Jill Reece

    Condensed Milk and Pickled Onions is a collection of true stories about the care of older people in their own homes. Some will make you smile or laugh, whilst others may bring a tear to your eyes. Whichever it is, you will be enriched by the variety of older people's ingenuity in dealing with their situations. Of course, all the names have been changed.


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  • Walking Into Silence

    Robert Rice

    This is a diary about one man's journey after life comes crashing down around him; career and marriage - gone. Inspired by the teachings of mystics, he decides to find that elusive something that he, until then, has been only vaguely aware is lacking in his life, and so he sets out on a solitary summer hike in the untamed wilderness of Montana.   Being truly part of nature whilst beari


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  • Breaking the Silence

    Joseph Wells as told to Ingrid Beatrice Coman

    Breaking The Silence is the true-life story of a Maltese little boy whose childhood unfolded through the English occupation of Malta, during the presence of the Royal Army on the island, then following later on in England, at the times of the Maltese post-war emigration.   It is a story of slavery and abuse. Of secrets kept hidden generation after generation, and sometimes ta


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