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The Bag

D.J. Cattrell

The day had finally come for Sarah to meet her sister Rachel after eight years. Being in a different world, Sarah was determined to be re-united with Rachel back in her original world, with ‘The Bag'.

But does that solve all the problems?

The witch, ‘The Esmeralda', makes her way into her new world aiming to take hold of ‘The Bag' from Sarah. 
What is so precious about this bag? Sarah must protect it and its contents, and is willing to give up her life to save the world from the witch's evil doing.


Will Sarah survive?

And, if Sarah does survive, which world will she choose to live in?

Publication date: 14/01/2020  |   Duration:


D.J. Cattrell trained as a psychiatric nurse, then as a psychotherapist. He left that world to act as main carer for his terminally ill mother, then acquired a degree in performing arts. He helped create and run the New Route Theatre Company, championing new writing and giving aspiring actors new works to try and trained others in international negotiation skills. He has written plays in various genres as well as articles on the world of biodiesel and the relevance of Shakespeare within modern day management and business.

He now devotes his time to writing for children, running a small business, looking after his ageing horse, deaf cat, wife and two children.

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