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In the Bus Depot

John Allan

Read by Kevin E. Green


The buses of the Voyager fleet love to please their passengers; they also derive great enjoyment from meeting one another when their routes cross at bus stations in the various towns and villages around the county. As they are based at different depots, these brief meetings allow them to keep in touch with all the news and happenings within the fleet and in the places which they visit.

Suddenly, concerns arise that this valued social interaction will change; plans for the expansion of one of the towns in the region may involve the building of a new depot, with the prospect of additional routes and buses in that area but less contact with those outside it.

Despite initial misgivings among some of the buses, the new depot opens and its residents become involved in a series of unforeseen adventures.

Publication date: 23/05/2018  |   Duration: 3 hours and 39 minutes


Born in Dorset of Scottish parents, John Allan grew up in North East England.

After graduating in Chemistry at Edinburgh University, he spent most of his career in the aerosol packaging industry and served as a committee member with national and European trade associations before becoming a consultant within the industry.

His interests include reading, playing the piano, theatre, travel, gardening, and the local community association. After retirement, he began to write stories for children.

John lives with his wife Rosemary and their two cats in Oxfordshire.