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Finnegan's Close

Kelly Gammon White

One sunny, spring day during finals week, sixteen year-old Julian Harrington learns his long-lost mother is dead, and he and his younger brother, Jacob, will finally be reunited. Having not seen each other in ten years, the boys are swept off to Ireland where Aunt Molly, Uncle Liam and the rest of his mother's huge extended Finnegan family live in the stone castle they call Finnegan's Close. Julian and Jacob discover the magical abilities they were born with and undergo the family's training to harness their Finnegan Gifts. But their journey takes a perilous turn when a sinister and deranged villain catches wind of their powers and becomes obsessed with stealing them for his own nefarious purposes. In a high-stakes battle of wits and magic, the boys - and their entire magical Finnegan family - must figure out a way to thwart him, while keeping their magic a secret.

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Kelly Gammon White is a writer and professor in Washington, DC. She is a CINE Golden Eagle winner for best non-broadcast documentary writing, as well as a two-time regional Emmy nominee for Best Educational Programming. Married with four uncomfortably tall children, Ms. White has an MFA in Creative Writing and teaches College Writing at American University.