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The Three grandfathers of Archibald V Jones

Arthur Kay

It's as if history is repeating itself as Borna Didić is caught in a whirlpool of merciless events, just like his grandfathers and the whole family before him. He knows their stories. After some events which convince him that his fate couldn't be any better, he leaves the lands of everlasting war, an unfortunate part of Europe known as the Balkans.
Being thrown into a life of pretending to be someone else, he's trying to find peace elsewhere, changing his name several times until he finally settles down in Switzerland as one Archibald V Jones. During the day, he's a respected professional integrated into Swiss society. After sundown, he's an esteemed but mysterious figure in the Red Light District of the city, where he meets an astonishingly beautiful prostitute. He starts to live with her and everything seems to be perfect, but the burdens of the past lie heavy.

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The author is a senior scientist whose interests have always extended way beyond science. After he had reached certain milestones in his scientific career, he decided to take a challenge of writing fiction. His ideas come from the lives of everyday people, those that would never occupy headlines but are still depicting our world better than anything else could. Hence, his literary work is based on combining his experience and imagination with facts on historical and societal circumstances that influence the characters he writes about.