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Seeing Old Friends

Arthur Curtis

The story comprises the reminiscences of Arthur, a man in his twilight years as he revisits the neighbourhood where he grew up and his past life as a young signalman on the British railways. It contains a wealth of detail about the British railroads during the steam age, and the transition to diesel and electricity. It is also replete with hilarious descriptions about Arthur's pub-crawling lifestyle with his mates, his grandfather and his lascivious adventures with various busty women, mainly barmaids. It describes a happy go lucky existence with Arthur and his mates, who were mainly concerned with football, drinking at the local pubs, smoking and having naughty, illicit escapades with loose women when not working. It harks back to a simpler time when life was more fun than the pressured rat race of present times.

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Arthur Curtis was born during WWII. He was a railway signalman for a number of years, until Dr Beeching's cuts. He went on to several accountancy roles in the private industry and in the Civil Service. Arthur served the last ten years in Government statistics as an Archivist before he retired in 2000.