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All-in Good Time

April Meersman

Living under an orange-grey sky, a shattered few humans from the first ever recorded pole shift must learn to not only survive but to thrive. Raging forest fires, lava fields and flooding have made the earth almost completely uninhabitable. After enduring two years of prairie dust storms and drought, April and her adult children are now offered the gift of freedom. With a pole shift resetting the earth and rogue cadets resetting past timelines, April now must follow her destiny and Black Knight's rules. Written to place the reader's imagination in the driver's seat, come take a journey through time with only blind faith to guide you.

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Married with a daughter and twin sons, I began writing "News from Home", my weekly newsletter, to entertain family and friends. I wrote articles for the Robson Valley Times out of Valemount, B.C. on life in Quebec. As it goes, in 2008, we moved to Saskatchewan. With twins at our side, Pierre and I opened "April's Diner" in Central Butte in November 2010, essentially putting all writing on the back burner. Now, with the restaurant well established, I have once again picked up my pen. I am very much looking forward to unleashing my imagination. What will it bring?