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Anthony David

As Minister of Communications, it is Daryn Garvin's job to choose which company will get the contract for laying an underwater cable connecting New Zealand to the wider world. He is expected to go with the favourites, but after receiving an anonymous letter blackmailing him with the threat of airing his dirty secrets to the public, he chooses another bidder for the contract, much to the chagrin of the prime minister.

Having had his bid rejected, Bobby Fischer's world falls apart. In desperation, he plots a way to get even with not just Minister Garvin, but the entire government. He finds the perfect accomplices in a group of activists who unwittingly become prime suspects in a murder, while trying to sabotage the existing underwater cables.

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After a lifetime as a singer, actor, song writer and IT Consultant it is a logical progression for Anthony to begin his novel writing career. He draws on his wide variety of interests and the love of his homeland in writing this story.