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Menopause WTH!

Annie Cardone

Annie Cardone uses her own experience of the menopause to shed light on the subject and to understand why so many women suffer in silence, largely due to the stigma surrounding women and the aging process.

Criticising the use of antidepressants prescribed by many doctors as a solution to menopause, this book instead provides simple, workable solutions which help to conquer the symptoms of menopause by showing women how to handle stress and toxicity in their lives, bringing them back to balance in their body and mind.

We do not have to suffer in silence.

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Annie Cardone spent many years travelling the world as a model before finally settling down and building a career as a marketing executive in England and the United States of America.
Over the past twenty-five years Annie has worked as a volunteer in her spare time. Teaching communication skills to women who have suffered childhood trauma, violence and abuse, so they can learn how to navigate life and take better care of themselves by setting boundaries is something she is passionate about.