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Don't Drop it Nurse!

Anne Bolam

Anne Bolam takes us on a journey down memory lane recalling her life as a nurse in the 1960s. Initially training in Edinburgh, she was present at the first ever kidney transplant. She then joined the Royal Airforce Nursing Service and continued her career in Aden, Yemen, treating injured soldiers and prisoners of war.
This book takes us from Edinburgh to Berkshire via Aden,with a number of anecdotal tales of nursing life in civilian and military conditions.
A charming reminiscence which shows us how far the medical profession has come in the last sixty years, but at the same time demonstrating how important the nurses have been in the journey.

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At her family's request, Anne Bolam (née Peterkin), has written a synopsis of her time as a nurse, which is written in this book. She started writing it in 2016 but, due to her husband being seriously ill, picked up the cudgels again and finished the book in 2019, at the age of eighty-one. She is still as active as she can be, but for the time being has given up swimming and different pursuits. She plays the piano in an old folks' home and for the hymns in church when needed. She considers it good exercise for her right hand, which was affected by a stroke.

The advice she was given was: do the things you are able to do and forget about what you were able to do in the past. A wonderful piece of advice to try and follow.