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My Bird and My Family Tree

Angelique Pesce

My Bird and My Family Tree written by Angelique Pesce is a story about a young boy who catches a wild bird. The story uses the analogy of a bird in captivity to tackle difficult topics like war and genocide for its young readers. In the end the young boy has to make a decision. Does he keep the bird or set it free?


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Angelique has written a children's book on the topic of racism and self-esteem as well as a recent novel focusing on the topic of high school violence in the United States. As an author she tackles difficult life issues for the young reader. Earning her Juris Doctorate Degree and Bachelor of Arts in literature, Angelique focuses her work in film and law including costume design and film producing. She has notably summered working at the United Nations Division of the Advancement of Woman War Crimes Unit and the Family Court District of the State of New York, which greatly credits this work.