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From Iz With Love

Angela d'Egville

While rebuilding her self image after decades of emotional abuse from the man she'd thought of as her soulmate, Victoria Diamant returns to the remote Croatian island of Mali Iz. She'd visited once years before, with her now ex-husband, but this time, she will rediscover the island and her sense of self-worth. Embracing the simple life on sparsely populated Mali Iz, Victoria learns to love herself again...and connects with a man whose love brings her back to life, igniting a passion that sets her broken spirit free.

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Angela D'Egville's intuitive powers of observation, in-depth research and splendid imagery makes for entertaining and immersive reading. Her first published book, an historical novel called Into the Lion's Den is a story about an 1820s British family who emigrates to the untamed wilds of southern Africa. Born in Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom-based author lives in Devon in an apartment overlooking the sea. She is passionate about travel. She creates thought-provoking, emotive novels that are true to life, sharing her adept writing style, effortlessly engaging her readers.