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Timber - Growing up to be a Seeing Eye Dog

Angela Brigenshaw

This book tells the story of a very special puppy called Timber. Many puppies are special and grow up to help people when they get older. Timber, however, was extra special as he was chosen to be trained as a seeing eye dog to help people who couldn't see very well or couldn't see at all. The story begins with Timber starting his training with a family of puppy raisers. They taught Timber the basics, such as doing as he was told, behaving himself and following instructions. The book continues Timber's story as he learned everything there was to know about being a seeing eye dog, like becoming used to being in crowded places and helping his owner avoid obstacles in their path. Finally, we see a very proud Timber on the day of his graduation.


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Angela Brigenshaw was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in 1977. This condition can result in total blindness but Angela has been lucky in that she still has some sight. In 2007 she met her guide dog, Timber, and her life changed forever. Overcoming her physical disabilities, which also include profound deafness and polymyalgia, Angela has written a number of books of various genres. The current work is aimed at teaching children all about guide dogs, the training they undergo and the valuable work they do. She now lives in rural West Wales with her husband.