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Watch the Birds in Grandad's Garden

Andy Cauchie

As a young lad, I would spend many hours reading through my father's ‘AA Book of British Birds', trying to memorise what each bird looked like. All the details - colours, sizes, whether it had spots or patterns - would stick in my mind. I would sit at my bedroom window looking out into the garden, noting down the birds I recognised, looking up in the book those I didn't. As I got older, I ventured out more into the countryside, binoculars in hand, looking for different kinds of birds.

I now encourage lots of different birds into the garden by putting out various foods and feeders, not only for my enjoyment of watching them, but also to help them survive, especially in the cold months. Why don't you ask your mum and dad to put food out for the birds too, and see if you can see some of them that are in my book?

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