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All That Remains

Andrea Bertignono

The story begins on a winter's day, when some criminals attack a group of caravans belonging to some of the most important noble houses of Faregil. These caravans were carrying the famous Kill Spirits wine of the county, the main source of income of these houses. Upon hearing the news, these families decide to investigate, already suspecting of one of the local guilds' involvement in the attack.

During this investigation, a series of problems occurs, involving the daughter of one of the families' heads and bringing back the bittersweet memories of past events in which some of the houses' members were involved and that have defined the relationships between them over the years.

Fantastic creatures must be fought, old loyalties tested and those who understand and can use the ancient magic arts have their knowledge stretched to the limit.

And just as things are about to be resolved, an ominous event knocks at the door...

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My name is Andrea Bertignono. I was born on the 12th of March, 1991 in Italy. I've always liked fantasy. In fact, for a few years now I have worked to develop my own setting, in which my book is set.

As this work progressed, the story for my book came to my mind, so I decided to write it down so that I can share it with readers.