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The Dare

Anabelle Leigh

This is both a love story and the tale of a woman's struggle for independence. Exiled to a desolate London mansion, Charlotte adopts an assumed name and earns her living as an author of poems. She is one of the few women who dare to leave their husbands, one of the first women to state their political views firmly and fearlessly. She is unafraid to be censured; she challenges strict British society rules and enjoys that dangerous game. Up to this point, any woman who did as she did would have met a horrific demise. Charlotte, a noble-born lady, witnesses the first social changes in Victorian England and goes through the self-assertion challenges of her time, despite the treacherous plotting of those in power and the heart-breaking choices she has to endure on her way to freedom. How did it feel back then to be the first to stand tall against the prejudice?

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Anabelle Leigh is a writer who has delighted us with her works for a number of years. She started off as a multi-genre author, which earned her a high rating for building storylines, and the invention of atypical humorous sketches. The style of Leigh's writing and enlightening notes fascinate readers, as she writes with equal facility both ingenious farces and the most profound deliberate characterizations. The subtle humour and bright characters will enthral you by the magnificent literary worlds of Anabelle.

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