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Antinomy of Truth/Lie

Anabelle Leigh

When genius scientist Damien Durand wakes up in the year 2673, having fallen asleep in 2018, he is astonished to find himself in an alien, hostile and senseless futuristic world.

With only a matter of months to find out if his brilliant intellect can help in this new reality, he finds his life is at stake as he is surrounded by untrustworthy creatures and has to fight for his ideas before it is too late.

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Anabelle Leigh is a writer who has delighted us with her works for a number of years. She started off as a multi-genre author, which earned her a high rating for building storylines, and the invention of atypical humorous sketches. The style of Leigh's writing and enlightening notes fascinate readers, as she writes with equal facility both ingenious farces and the most profound deliberate characterizations. The subtle humour and bright characters will enthral you by the magnificent literary worlds of Anabelle.

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