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Wobbly Walter and Larry Liver: Obesity

Heather Hawley

This story offers children some insight into obesity. In simple terms, it explains how obesity can develop, other problems linked to the condition and how a change in lifestyle can produce positive outcomes.

The Busy Body Series uses light hearted stories to explain how the body works. This book relates to obesity in children. ‘Walter' (initially ‘Wobbly Walter'), ‘Jack' (‘Jumbo Jack') and ‘Sienna' are the main children in the story. Also, characters ‘Larry Liver' and a regular for the Busy Body Series, ‘Brucey Blood,' are used to explain the body processes that are unable to function effectively when the body is obese. It starts with Walter and Jack sitting around playing computer games, eating too much and therefore, getting fat. Sienna gets annoyed as they won't come outside to play. Eventually Jack gets bored and starts rugby training. Walter becomes more isolated. A school event highlights Walter's problems, resulting in a visit to a dietitian along with his Mum and Dad. The story includes the difficulties faced both physically and mentally with obesity, the frustrations when changing lifestyles, and the benefits when you become healthier and fitter. Not fat, not thin, but just right!
Suitable for children aged 5 and above; Key Stages 1 and 2.
"Learning how our bodies work is essential in starting to take control and making decisions about our own health and wellbeing. These books introduce these concepts through stories and pictures and leave young people wanting to know more."
Dr Sarah Bridges MB ChB MRCP
Consultant Paediatrician

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I worked as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (BSc (Hons) ACNP) in a GP surgery from 1999 until 2017. Many of the patients I saw were children.Working with children in the medical field can be challenging. Sometimes a creative imagination is useful in order to gain their confidence; this can help the children and their parents to understand the condition and the medical interventions being made. With this in mind I decided to write the Busy Body Series.