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Malan Jacobsen

When a little girl is found screaming in a town square no one knows who she is or where she comes from. Shortly afterwards when she comes to her senses, she only knows her name, Mimey but nothing else about what she is doing there or who she is.

She is taken to hospital after she bites a teenaged girl, and there she is taken under the wing of a kind nurse, Lena.

But Lena can't look after Mimey forever, so soon she is sent to a refugee centre by the county. It is there that Mimey starts to see and hear strange occurrences. Children who lived there have disappeared in the night. She also meets and starts to take care of a little two-year-old boy Miljan, who doesn't have any parents.

While there, an older girl also gives Mimey a warning, about children vanishing in the night. And Mimey decides the only thing to do would be to escape, with Miljan.

The evil supervisor, the yellow woman, makes sure that Mimey does not leave and in the struggle Miljan is taken away and Mimey sent to an orphanage.

There she meets Storm, a troubled boy with his own dark and terrible secret. Together they plan to escape the orphanage and get away from the cruel and sadistic owner Liz.

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Malan Jacobsen was born in 1973, she has a bachelor's degree in Journalism, and she is the mother of three children. She has been writing fiction ever since she could hold a pencil, but it wasn't until 2008 that she began getting published. Malan has since published several short stories within multiple genres and for both children and adults. One of her first short stories, Age of the Wolves, won The Science Fiction Award in Denmark 2008. In 2011, her first novel was published and later nominated for the Danish Children's Book-award, The Orla Award.