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To Sit in Solemn Silence

Sue Woodcock

When senior detective Saul Catchpole takes his family to a production of the Mikado, he has no idea that soon he will be investigating a gruesome murder on the stage and finding out that within the operatic society things are seldom what they seem. Soon the enquiry is delving into the history of several members of the cast with surprising results. Not only does it challenge him and his team, as he introduces a new second in command, but within his own family, unexpected things are happening, when his brother, Jake, rediscovers a long-lost love in one of Saul's acquaintances.

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Born in 1949, Sue had an interesting and unusual childhood in the care of her grandmother. After studying business she joined the police and served in varying roles for 28 years. On retiring she went to agricultural college, and now lives on an isolated small holding in the Yorkshire Dales. She keeps rare breed sheep, five goats, and various fowl. She has four dogs, Froyle, Fair, Brillo and Tara, three cats and enjoys singing in two choirs, as well as spinning and using the wool from her sheep. She has also worked in the hospitality industry, on the railway, and as a shepherd. She regularly writes a diary in the Yorkshire Post.