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Three Little Words

J.M. Robson

Most people believe that you can die from a broken heart. That rejected love could cause someone to take their own life. But what if it isn't heartache that caused the death of the unloved? What if something terrible actually claims their lives? What if there was something hiding in the shadows, waiting, watching, something unearthly, that fed on heartache, sorrow and the souls of the broken hearted?
Lilly Anne Freemantle and her new friends have experienced the cruelty of an unimaginable being and now live in fear, knowing that it will return and that they will never be safe. They know they need to destroy the being before it claims more lives. But will their plan work? Or will others die?
This novel reminds us that uttering those 'three little words' can bring joy and happiness. Yet makes you wonder what happens when love is not reciprocated. Can this be a catalyst for terror, horror and death?

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J.M. Robson has been writing for a number of years and Three Little Words was the first of J.M. Robson's published work followed by I am the Walker.

Heartbreaking Revenge - Three Little Words Chapter Two was released on the 25th of June 2020 and is the second book in the Three Little Word trilogy.

A lover of horror, thriller and mystery books, J.M. Robson spends her spare time reading and writing. She is currently working on a number of writing projects and had recently completed the sequel to Three Little Words.

J.M. Robson lives in a small village in Angus, Scotland. She is married, has one son and two beautiful grandchildren.

She supports a number of animal charities in the UK and Abroad and loves spending time with her four rescue dogs.

Three Little Words audiobook is also available.