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The Scent of a Pool

Richard Harper

‘What do we do?' I reply. ‘Well, I thought it was something like a dance around things, around each of us as we get to know each other, that was what I thought I was going to write about.' I halt for a moment. ‘Well, maybe not a dance.' My thoughts focus on the topic of my inner life, how that doesn't see at all like a dance.

The Scent of a Pool is part memoir, part reflection, telling the story of the author's life as a water polo player through anecdotes and philosophical introspection.

"Richard Harper's The Scent of a Pool offers not just a vivid account of the actual experience of practicing a particular sport, water polo, but through that lens a deep sense of how life itself is experienced and remembered, in terms of friendships, relationships, aging, and, above all, the inexorable passage of time itself."

- Charlie Gare, Lacaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

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Richard Harper has swum and played water polo in pools all over England but has won few prizes for his swimming nor scored many goals in the polo. He is married, and lives in Cambridge. His three children have long left home, to be replaced by a ginger cat. He works and writes for the computer industry but still spends too much time in pools.