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The Good Society

Andrew Gosney

Few question seriously whether or not we live in a good society. Fewer still dare to delve in and ask those awkward questions which belie answers that we perhaps do not wish to hear. It is frequently taken as read that the goal of this identity is to render happiness to the maximum number of citizens. But are the values on which it bases its endeavour conducive to such a state? If so then why do so many complain of a deep sense of existential emptiness? Here the author takes an uncompromising look at the individual and how his interactions with an apparently benevolent force appear to present him with an ever greater sense of futility.

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The author grew up in Scotland and England. Having moved frequently, he draws on his experience living in a variety of social contexts. He studied English literature at Buckingham University from where he obtained a master's degree. For a number of years he has lived and worked as an English teacher in countries around Europe.