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The Churchside Five

H.G. Wilson

A legend.
A mysterious stranger.
Local rumours.
A book.
Historical accounts of a treasure trove.

All weave an engaging caper along a dangerous path, following mysterious clues towards something legendary, something reputed to be of great value, and something worth finding.

Intelligent and action-packed, The Churchside Five takes young readers through a wonderful, fun-filled journey to uncover the truth about the famous Catholic Hoard in a modern and thought-provoking depiction of the treasure hunt classic, where all is not what it seems and surprising revelations await.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


H.G. Wilson's debut novel ‘Citizen I' is his song for the planet. His second, ‘The East Wind', is a heartfelt eulogy to his mother, and third ‘The Fountain of The Four Rivers' is an imagined nightmare of his own potential future. His fourth novel offers an imagined view of what could happen if we cannot arrest human impact on the natural world because in ‘Blood Falls', nature fights back. In his fifth novel, he takes younger readers along a thought-provoking journey in a modern depiction of the treasure hunt classics. He shares a happy home with his wife, their two beautiful daughters, and a Pomeranian fur ball called Leonardo in Cheshire, England.


Twitter: HGWilson4

Facebook: H.G. Wilson