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The Book Of Travel Tips - Travel Safe, Travel Smart

Tessa Ingel

This unique book of creative travel tips will become your indispensable traveling companion. It's the result of years of independent travel to seventy-four countries, connecting with travelers across the globe, and sharing the unexpected challenges that may occur. From tips such as designing your trip to staying healthy while traveling, dealing with lost luggage, driving in foreign countries, finding reliable drivers and guides, coping with jet lag and so much more! Tessa Ingel writes enthusiastically, with firsthand experience, about everything that you may need while traveling abroad.

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I was born in South Africa, surrounded by multiple languages: English, Sotho, Zulu, Afrikaans, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, and Polish. Mozambique - which lies on the northeastern border of South Africa - was an exotic blend of Portugal and Africa. It was there, at around the age of six, that I was treated to my first taste of Portuguese - a musical language that to me sounded like water skipping over pebbles.
My parents were avid, adventurous, independent travelers. Every year, when manufacturing closed from December to mid-January, they would take off to explore the world. Our devoted grandparents would move in, and we would all wait impatiently for the postcards to arrive.