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The Adventures Behind Cherridor

Jessica Kealy

Stepping through the cherry red door of a warehouse with seventeen-year-old Ellie, we enter the realm of Cherridor and the battle to save the life of young Prince Blaize. Ellie has been captured and needs rescuing from the menacing Lord Larcosse. Strange creatures abound, from colourful Birks with their flapping pages and hard cruel Mannequins, controlled by Irvana Beastly; from an excitable bouncy ball, Bubbers, to a stern but kindly bear, Lord Missed a Stitch. Can Ellie escape from Lacrosse's castle and save the day for Queen Miranda and her kingdom of Cherridor? Who will win the battle between Larcosse and the Queen across a river with its dangerously damaged bridge?

Ellie and a boy called Billy are in adjoining rooms in hospital, both in a coma. Will they come round? Is Cherridor only a dream? Reality and fantasy meet in the struggle between opposing forces. Ellie is key in both.

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Jessica Kealy is a fiction writer and professional dancer. She has danced in Cyprus, all over the UK and even in front of the Dalai Llama. When not dancing or writing her next novel, Jessica enjoys sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book.