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Stolen Secrets

Rachael Lindsay

As greedy Doctor Klumpet and crafty Mister Scarab go about their business, they have no idea that they are being followed by a green floppy hat, a weather-stick, and a small nightingale. It is only when the Big People recover – surprisingly well – that they realise a tree-troll has been paying visits too.


Finnr is a talented medicine-maker. He knows which herbs and flowers to mix together; which seeds and leaves to collect. His notebook is a precious record of a lifetime's work and if lost, could never, ever be replaced.


But Doctor Klumpet is furious!


And Mister Scarab has a plan...


How can the tree-troll protect all that is dear to him?


Will he ever feel safe again?

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As a child, growing up in Cheshire, I was an avid reader. J. M. Barrie was my hero but I also revelled in J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, C. S. Lewis and A. A Milne. I loved Kipling's asides to his audience (dearly beloved), the landscape of Narnia, and nonsense poetry. My young mind was full of mythical creatures and places; I still have my copy of The Sentimental Dragon by Grace Cox-Ife, pages now falling from their binding and signed at the front in my childish hand.
I spent many happy weeks in Switzerland when I was young, as my father worked there for periods of time. Those breath-taking mountains, lakes and waterfalls joined forces with the fjords and forests of Norway, creating a backdrop to much of my writing. Who could not be inspired by all of these influences?
As a result of my happy experiences in both real life and fantasy, I always wanted to write stories, from about five or six years old. Of course, I had to be a serious grown-up for a while - teaching all ages from four to fifty-four year olds, earning money and bringing my two wonderful children into the world - but then I decided the time was right for me. And my stories.
Now I use my background in education to inspire children in schools up and down the country. Their enthusiasm, as they listen to and read my books, is a constant delight to me. They begin to write with greater imagination and flair.
I see parts of my young self in them.