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Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Being with Spirit

Tiffany Beese

Part spiritual guide, part self-help and part social, religious and political commentary channelled through the author by beings from Leberia, a distant planet in another universe. They answer planetary distress calls and have been working with Earth for thousands of years.
Beese channels the wisdom of these higher beings and guides the reader through dealing with the stresses of politics, the workplace, negative energies as well as offering advice on how to be a ‘light-worker', healing others' traumas and auras.
Beese describes Source, or Heaven, as a place of wisdom, knowledge and love, where once every soul has finished a life they have a meeting with the Ascended ones to discuss the lessons still to learn and what form their next life will take if they choose to take on the mission. Every life on Earth is viewed as a contract or path.
This self-help guide offers advice on how to meditate, practice crystal healing, clairvoyant artistic therapy and music therapy. Coming from a combination of Christianity and Asian religious doctrine combined with paganism and spiritualism, the channelled lessons aim to guide people to live a life of non-prejudiced, non-judgmental calm.

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Tiffany Beese has been a self-employed clinician (naturopath, Ortho-Bionomist) for over twenty years in New Zealand. Originally from London, she travelled the world, staying in many places. She lived in an Ashram for six months learning and teaching yoga, learning to meditate, and then continuing on the practice. This made her ready for training in the Akashic Records. Once more comfortable, she was instructed by the Ascended Masters to sit at the computer and allow the words to flow. So came knowledge and answers of commonly asked questions. Enjoy.