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Ian Napier

Jasmin is a twelve-year-old Adelaide girl of Aboriginal descent. Her parents, both doctors, have volunteered to work in the Middle East for a year, so Jasmin will stay with her aunt and uncle in tropical Darwin for that time. The prospect is both very exciting and saddening, but to help with the sadness of missing her parents, Jasmin will be allowed to get a dog - her very first one.

At the local animal shelter, she meets and chooses Reg - an Australian sheep dog - who turns out to be not only super smart but also very much devoted to her.

Lots of new experiences and adventures follow; including a challenging adjustment to a new school environment, a near lethal encounter with a hungry crocodile and an equally dangerous encounter with gangsters stealing radio-active materials. But there is also lots of fun to be had - with new friends, parties, sailing, and horse riding - always with Reg in attendance of course!

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Ian Napier's career has been largely in rocket science with the Australian Defence Department. He has several degrees in science including a PhD from Cambridge University.

His earlier books, Crocodile Dreaming and Totem, were written for children in the 8-11 age bracket while The Ghosts of Mars and an upcoming novel, Dragon's Teeth, are for young adults.

Ian lives in South Australia and has five feisty grand daughters who provide him with both inspiration and literary criticism.