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Queen Clarice and the Watermelon Seed

CB Fletcher

A red ant princess, Clarice, seeks to find a way to save her starving colony. For generations, the colonies of red ants, bees, scorpions and sphinx moths all lived in a peaceful oasis, surrounded by fruitful bushes and lush grass. Now, after the oasis was pillaged by Princess Mala and her bush spider clan, the remaining red ant colony and scorpion clan are threatened by starvation in the barren desert.

One day, Clarice discovers watermelon and quickly realises this could be her colony's only chance for survival. Under siege yet again, the battle begins for a sole watermelon seed and the possibility of saving the colony.

C B Fletcher's message to ‘have faith in the seed that is planted within you to grow your unique prosperity' is one that resonates throughout the story. Will Queen Clarice conquer her enemies and save her beloved colony?

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CB Fletcher has been writing stories since she could spell and scribble letters. She has a passion for stories that journey to self-discovery or great epic tales, and anything in-between. CB has been published in two collaborative books and several digital and print publications in the United States. Her writing has always been heavily supported by her family, who are avid readers and enjoy unique art. The main character of this story is named after her mother, who inspired the tale when she requested a story about watermelon for her birthday...

"No matter how it looks, have faith in the seed that is planted within you to grow your unique prosperity." - CB Fletcher.