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King Henry's Sister Margaret: Scotland's Tudor Queen

Mary McGrigor

In the summer of 1503, a young girl, her beautiful auburn hair concealed beneath a snood, set forth to ride to Scotland on a white pony. Princess Margaret, daughter of Henry VII, went as the bride of King James IV of Scotland, to cement a truce between his country and her own. Unknown to her, King James was already secretly married to a lady who had been murdered to preserve the political alliance. This was just one of the traumas which Margaret had to endure before King James died at Flodden, bribed to fight England with French gold.

Alone, surrounded by enemies, she remarried to the young Earl of Angus, only to then fall passionately in love with the Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland, during her son's minority. Passionate and headstrong, but always loyal to her brother, King Henry, acting secretly as his spy, her story is tragic and triumphant.

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Mary McGrigor grew up in a Scottish medieval castle which inspired her love of history.

Married to Sir Charles McGrigor, she was first a soldier's, and then a farmer's wife.

She has four children, twelve grandchildren, and two great granddaughters.

The author of many books and magazine articles, she lives in Argyll.