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Steve 'Loopy' Newhouse

JustTin is an eight-foot high robot with many remarkable powers, including the ability to be extremely rude to people. He has been built by Dad Trotter with the help of his clumsy ten-year-old son, Barry, and Barry's best friend, Zed.


When he's not tinkering with JustTin in his garage, Dad works as a special government agent for MI3 [?] who are fighting against a sinister terrorist organisation. One summer holiday, Barry, Zed and JustTin are sent to stay with Barry's eccentric Aunt B, who is very badly dressed and a terrible cook but also a renowned government agent. B's house comes under attack from the terrorists, but using JustTin's powers they fight them off.


After this showdown, Dad Trotter goes missing in a plane crash but, many years later, JustTin detects a faint signal which could be from him. Together with Barry, Zed and their friends sets off on a quest to find Dad.


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Born in 1957, Steve has lived in and around east London all his life. After finally leaving school in 1972 with no qualifications whatsoever, Steve had a variety of jobs in supermarkets and warehouses. In 1978, Steve met a few people that would change everything, Iron Maiden. He became a roadie for the band, and travelled the world until 1984, when he left the band and worked as a stage hand in London. After various other tours and doing some of the oddest things that came under the music banner, Steve quit the business in 1995, when he was offered a job with Royal Mail, and eventually retired in 2016 to pursue a career in writing. Steve has six children and four grand children, and he currently lives in Romford, Essex with his wife Sharron.