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Judy Rankin

The loyalty of a once-proud nation exploited by a pact it must honour; a war that divides families, friends and communities. Catelina Marés, a stubborn, beautiful and fiercely proud Catalan woman must fight for all she loves and holds dear while the twists of history and fate intervene. Will she find what her heart cries out for?


And what of her childhood friend, grown into a man who must put his country before all else. Will Mateo Amador lose everything and everyone he values to do his duty for his people?


Can love and duty co-exist; is allegiance more important than family; and must duty ultimately destroy?

Set against the backdrop of the Catalan Revolt during the Franco-Spanish War (1640 - 1659) this vivid tale of danger, honour and love will have you turning the pages until the last one, no matter the time.

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Judy Rankin first appeared on bookshelves in 2014 with the release of the memoir It's [Not] All About Liz! Since then, Judy has spent her time teaching English as a second language in various countries in Europe and the UK.


With a home base in Melbourne, Australia, Judy enjoys swapping hats between acting as consultant and mentor for an ESL recruitment company in China, offering editing and ghost writing services, writing short stories (available on her website and working on her next novel.


You can follow Judy on her website