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Blood Falls

H.G. Wilson

New Antarctic lands are discovered, new forests have grown, new habitats develop, from long-dormant seeds once sealed in ice. Global warming has happened. The continental landmass of Antarctica has emerged. Only a residual dome of ice remains.

Those scientists who predicted the worst implications of devastating climate change find themselves astonished.
Something unexpected happens: nature fights back, to restore the balance of life on planet Earth. Something else feels the life-force of warming sunlight... something that threatens an Antarctic research team and the entire world.

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H.G. Wilson's debut novel ‘Citizen I' is his song for the planet. His second, ‘The East Wind', is a heartfelt eulogy to his mother, and third ‘The Fountain of The Four Rivers' is an imagined nightmare of his own potential future. His fourth novel offers an imagined view of what could happen if we cannot arrest human impact on the natural world because in ‘Blood Falls', nature fights back. In his fifth novel, he takes younger readers along a thought-provoking journey in a modern depiction of the treasure hunt classics. He shares a happy home with his wife, their two beautiful daughters, and a Pomeranian fur ball called Leonardo in Cheshire, England.


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