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Mike Oppenheim

Ardor Agopian is twenty-one years old, working a dead-end job at the mall, and grappling with the fallout of a bad decision. When he stumbles upon an ancient prophecy hidden in a long-forgotten book, he realizes he must master his long-dormant psychic abilities or watch idly as humanity is destroyed by an unimaginably powerful force. To save his fellow humans, Ardor must travel the globe and contend with mysterious forces and shadowy clans while grappling with the fatal consequences of trying to stem the tide of darkness.

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Mike Oppenheim has been interested in entertainment since he was a child, but became serious about it in 1999 when he began a career in music and film that eventually led to a focus on writing. In 2006, he started his weekly essay series, The Casual Casuist, which continues to be featured online and in various print forms.
In 2011, he earned an MFA from Mills College in Creative Fiction with his first novel, Dysfunction. Two years later, he published his second novel, Baby Doll: The Book, followed by Too True to be Good in 2017, and The Apology in 2021. That same year, Mike and his wife began their podcast "Coffin Talk" a weekly show that explores "The Meaning of Death."
In his spare time, Mike eats avocados, facilitates writing workshops, and hangs with his family. For more please visit