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The 'Tail' of Turkey Two Shoes

Adam Norton

Turkey's a unique bird, who unlike others of his kind, enjoys running for fun and not just from fear. Like all of us, he's not without his own flaws, which along with his love of running, his friends find funny. But Turkey is undeterred! He stumbles upon something that helps transport him from all the teasing. While running away from it all, he hears someone who needs his help and Turkey truly rises to the occasion, going high while others stay low. By accepting who he is, Turkey becomes more confident, clever and capable than anyone gives him credit for and they're all left looking at his tail feathers as a result!

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Adam Norton lives in Virginia with his wife, two children, and their dog, Dilly. When not writing children's books, you can find Adam out on a nature walk with his family, or looking to fish anywhere there's water.

About the Illustrator

Alison Whitman lives in Maryland with her husband, a couple crazy cats, and a pet chinchilla. When she's not making animals come to life through colorful illustrations, you can find her headed for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.