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Captain Jack

Adam Hockley

In the past, technology was steam powered and people believed everything yet to be invented would be steam powered. Cities would float in the air, powered by the smoky stuff.

It follows, then, that in a prediction told as a fanciful tale by a father to little George, the technology would also be steam-driven, like the ships and aircrafts. Also, the price of alcohol would have dropped in the future, like Absinthe. Unfortunately, It wouldn't be too far-fetched that the world would be at war as well.

Join Captain Jack on his ship, the flying New Moss Rose, as he conducts his Absinthe smuggling duties across the channel, whilst battling his arch enemy, Otto Von Wolff, who polices Europe to thwart the crew's efforts to smuggle the drink they love, Absinthe, or the Green Fairy as it was called, tax free in England...

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A charismatic, young and enthusiastic writer and author with nothing but a pen at the end of the day and a family legacy to share with people of the three P's. Pilots, Pirates and... something else beginning with P and other syllables that I will come on to later. This, dear reader, is something I wish to share with you; my tales.
As previously mentioned, I am young and enthusiastic and have a nose for a good story and, unlike a reporter, I get it right. In an... obscure way, I suppose. Anyway, don't waste your time on me; read.