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World Mental Health Day | Pegasus Publishers

World Mental Health Day | Pegasus Publishers

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On the 10th of October we are celebrating World Mental Health Day for the 26th time! The World Federation for Mental Health founded the awareness day in 1992 and since then people all over the world have been holding events, making announcements and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay. 


1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem, yet many people still don’t believe problems are likely to affect them, or maybe anyone they know. Mental Health problems can affect any of us directly or otherwise, without support from those around us we can lose what we care about most. We don’t have to be an expert to be supportive. It can be as simple as checking in with someone, asking then how they’re doing, listening and not judging, just being there and being yourself.




AN&i tells the true story of Ali North, a young girl from a troubled background in Northern Ireland who develops anorexia nervosa to cope with life. The book follows Ali through a number of life challenges and tragic events showing how her relationship with her eating disorder becomes her closest friend yet worst enemy. The story brings us right up to present day as the victim is now an adult ready to meet her illness head on and share her painful battle in the hope that her honesty can help others and raise awareness of living with an eating disorder. Welcome to the world of anorexia nervosa - a life of mental and physical torture.


Are you or someone you know struggling with an eating disorder?


Is someone you know starving in silence?


Through Ali's true story you can learn more about this potentially life-threatening mental illness and find hope of recovery and a brighter future...



#WorldMentalHealthDay! The smallest things can make the biggest difference.



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