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World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019

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Today (10th October 2019) is World Mental Health Day. A day to remind people to talk, to listen and to understand.


To mark the day, we have put together a list of our recommended mental health books, covering important topics such as eating disorders, body image, depression, anxiety and dementia.





The Mad Hatters' Tea Party

Francis James


Those words ... ‘Sectioned under the Mental Health Act'.

However, being detained in a Mental Health institution, will probably mark the start of the road to recovery for many.


This is a novel about relationships, fears and feelings as it traverses the sometimes long road to good mental health.

Compassionately written, it provides an insight into the care and practice of helping people come to terms with their demons when they are sectioned under the Mental Health Act.


This is a thought provoking novel, written with empathy and understanding of the people who find themselves sectioned in hospital and those that dedicate their lives to help and support people to heal their minds.


A must-read for everyone interested in mental illness - that is, all of us!




AN & i

Ali North


AN&i tells the true story of Ali North, a young girl from a troubled background in Northern Ireland who develops anorexia nervosa to cope with life. The book follows Ali through a number of life challenges and tragic events showing how her relationship with her eating disorder becomes her closest friend yet worst enemy. The story brings us right up to present day as the victim is now an adult ready to meet her illness head on and share her painful battle in the hope that her honesty can help others and raise awareness of living with an eating disorder. Welcome to the world of anorexia nervosa - a life of mental and physical torture.


Are you or someone you know struggling with an eating disorder?


Is someone you know starving in silence?


Through Ali's true story you can learn more about this potentially life-threatening mental illness and find hope of recovery and a brighter future...





Voices of the Soul: the Forgotten Truth about Dementia

Hans Siepel


This searing memoir, written by a son about his mother's dementia, is set in a town in the Netherlands but the issues reflected are relevant anywhere. The family are devoted, but the mother's decline reveals undercurrents in their relationships. We hear of the conventional medical approach to this difficult area of care but the family reject the medication so frequently prescribed to control patients. For a while, they care for her themselves at home but her increasingly erratic and sometimes violent behaviour overwhelms them. The tribulations of caring for a person with dementia are vividly recounted. The son feels that his mother is trying to tell them about her past through her dementia. Gradually, they come to know about the traumatic events in her childhood. Her siblings and the narrator's wife also have vital roles in the 'play' the mother is enacting. Although she ends up in hospital, finally the truth emerges and the past is movingly redeemed.







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