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World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day

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We have an awareness day for the homeless to respond to the homelessness from around the world. The aim of the day is to encourage everyone to get involved and respond to the problem we have with a proactive approach.



To bring light to this, here are a few ways you can help the homeless:




Obvious but always very helpful. See a list of charities fighting homelessness here:


Share Knowledge


Tell your friends and family how to help, share what you know. Also, as silly as it sounds, sharing things on social media can be a big help.


Be Kind


Many people do not treat the homeless with respect and kindness. A very easy thing to do. Maybe try and be more conscious yourself.


Give Food


There is nothing more welcome than some food and a hot drink on a cold day. If you can afford it, please try and give back.




As well as this, education is very important. We would like to bring light to two of our titles Keep Them Close by Betty Rose and In Extremis by Janet Austin, both have a ruling theme of homelessness.


Here is a little more information on both books:


Keep Them Close by Betty Rose


Born into a hard-working, loving, rural Irish family, the adored and protected Robina, only daughter of Mary and Michael Moran, moves to Liverpool to study nursing and spread her wings. Her innocent beauty captivates Moses, a strikingly handsome man of Jamaican descent, who has a past steeped in betrayal and rejection, so different from Robina's. They fall hopelessly in love and dream of the perfect life as they grow their family - Adamma, Kamaria, and finally the sensitive and delicate Finn, are born, seemingly completing their happiness together. However, Robina quickly learns that a childhood as perfect as hers is not in her children's future as Moses seeks the freedom to search for acceptance and recognition.
Robina's close-knit family support her and the children with unconditional love until devastating tragedy strikes, which changes their lives forever. For Robina's children, however, there is unexpected joy after the sadness and an opportunity for closure. Love, in the end, does conquer all.


Get yourself a copy, here:



In Extremis by Janet Austin.


Stephanie's and Ruth's lives couldn't have been more different. Ruth and her husband were academics at a local university. Stephanie is a trophy wife to Roger whose role was to entertain his business associates, to shop and to always look her best.
However, as the government slowly slips into a dictatorship, and the world becomes unsafe for dissenters they both find themselves on the streets as Stateless People. Homeless, hungry and hunted.
The university had been closed down and Ruth's husband was tasked with working on a project for the state, and Roger slowly got sucked further and further into the government's dealings. When things go wrong, the men disappear and the women are left with nothing.
This is a story of friendship, hardship and human resourcefulness.



Get yourself a copy, here:



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