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World Chocolate Day | 10 Sweet Facts!

World Chocolate Day | 10 Sweet Facts!

 |  Fun and Games

It’s World Chocolate Day, so we hope you are all indulging yourself!


We thought to celebrate, we would share 10 sweet facts to get you in the mood for the delicious treat!


  1. To make 1 pound of chocolate, 400 cocoa beans are used!


  1. Each cacao tree on average produces 2500 cocoa beans.


  1. Before a harvest, a farmer has to wait four to five years before cacao trees are ready to produce their first beans.


  1. Around 50 million people, worldwide, depend on cocoa farming as their livelihood.


  1. Chocolate was a form of currency in the Mayan times!


  1. Europe is responsible for the consumption of more than half of the world’s chocolate consumption.


  1. The chocolate industry is worth over $75 billion per year!


  1. More than 58 million pounds of chocolate is bought during Valentine’s Day in America.


  1. 1.5 million Crème Eggs are made by Cadbury every day.


  1. Cadbury created the first ever chocolate bar in England, 1842.


We hope you found these interesting, and if you wanted, why not check out one of our books!

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