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What to Read After Binge Watching Stranger Things

What to Read After Binge Watching Stranger Things

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If you haven’t watched or even heard of the most popular Netflix supernatural series ‘Stranger things’ then you must be living under a rock. Today the long-awaited season 3 has been released on Netflix! The show is set in the nostalgic 80s, revolved around a group of ordinary young kids and their not so ordinary friend who has supernatural powers, they get around the neighbourhood of 'Hawkins' on their bicycles, only to be involved in the centre of a supernatural mystery, it’s horror, suspense and science fiction all rolled into one!


We bet many people will be ‘binge-watching’ the whole season this weekend only to be left with a desire for more supernatural adventures!


So we have put together a few books we recommend to fill that stranger things hole in your heart after season 3. So grab your Eggo waffles, a book and enjoy the next adventure…





The Ghost Station

Nigel Cole


Darcy, bored with her summer homework, had to write an essay about Guy Fawkes and his plan to blow up Parliament. But little did she know that this homework was about to become the most exciting she had done yet!

When Darcy and her friends, the Brompton Bulldogs, found themselves in a disused underground station, it turned out to be a whole lot more dangerous than they had expected. When they took a trip back in time, they found themselves helping the so-called "traitor" Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators to escape the clutches of merciless King James after the failed Gunpowder Plot.

What could be better than a living history lesson? What would they make of life in smelly 17th century England? Would they become traitors and hang for their crimes or would they survive this perilous and unjust time and change the course of history?

There were more revelations to come, the biggest one of all was when Darcy found out something that would change their lives forever.




Nancy Bo and Ergonwold's Nest

Paul Scales


On the eve of her eleventh birthday, Nancy Bo Jones is forced to move from her happy home. As she struggles to adjust to her new life, a chance encounter leads her to The Home for the Incurably Curious - a library within a library.

Could a peculiar book cure her sadness?

Nancy Bo and her friends are guided into a strange, parallel universe where thoughts and feelings dramatically impact the environment. But something sinister is attempting to manipulate the atmosphere. The children must find Ergonwold, the only creature capable of restoring harmony in this kaleidoscopic world.

A gripping adventure of dark magic, weird creatures, enchanted landscapes, and frantic pursuits...




The Castaways

Nick Morrice



Sixteen teenagers in their final year at Hengistbury Hall, a prestigious prep school, were going on an adventure, staying on a tropical island on their own without any adults.

Despite certain parents' misgivings, the plan went ahead and with everything packed up, they set off.

They all had their specific tasks mapped out for the days ahead and couldn't wait to experience life on a desert island - especially sunbathing and swimming.

Soon, the teenagers discovered there is more to the idyllic island than they first thought. Although on their own, they had the creepy feeling they were being watched and there was something very odd happening. Rustling in the trees, strange giggling noises, music in the air. What did it all mean?

It surely was going to be an adventure they would remember for the rest of their lives.




D.I.S.C. - Direct Interface Shadow Control

Colin R. Parsons



Joseph Lanes is lying on the ground, in the mud, battered and bruised from another encounter with the bullying McKenzie brothers. A fairly normal occurrence for fifteen-year-old Joseph. Being skinny and ginger makes him a frequent target and Joseph has given up trying to fight back.

Little does Joseph know that his life is about to change forever. As he painfully starts to get up he notices, in the undergrowth, a small disc with a flashing light that he cannot resist the overwhelming urge to press. He is immediately transformed into a soldier, complete with a sophisticated full body protective suit, and powers he had never imagined. But he does not appear to be on Earth. He is not alone. There are four other teenagers, two boys and two girls, who seem to have been transported in a similar manner to himself.

They soon discover they are not who they think they are and they have a terrible mission to fulfil.








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