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What famous book character are you?

What famous book character are you?

 |  Fun and Games

What Famous Book Character are you?

Ever wondered what character you are most like in some of the world’s most famous novels? Your traits and personal habits help to figure out which famous hero, Villain or main character you are most like.

Eager to find out? Take the quick test below and find out who you are most alike…


What is your greatest strength?


A. Taking risks in any situation regardless of the potential consequences

B. My creativity

C. Always seeing the best in others

D. Standing up for others who can’t for themselves


What is your dream job?


A. Professional Footballer

B. Being a detective

C. A sky diving instructor

D. Getting paid for not having a job…


What is your favourite animal?


A. Shark

B. Dolphin

C. Lion

D. Dogs


What is the thing you look most forward to doing on the weekend?


A. Paintballing

B. Watching your favourite sports team

C. Going out with friends

D. Reading a book


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where you would you visit?


A. Dubai

B. New York

C. Paris

D. Barcelona


What is your favourite time of the year?


A. Winter

B. Spring

C. Summer

D. Autumn


What is your favourite book genre?


A. Fantasy

B. Poetry

C. Science Fiction

D. Horror


What is your biggest fear in life?


A. Spiders

B. Heights

C. Darkness

D. Drowning


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?


A. Pizza

B. Cake

C. Salad

D. Chocolate


What is the colour of your eyes?


A. Brown

B. Green

C. Blue



You are…


Mainly A’s

Ron Weasley


Mainly B’s

Sherlock Holmes


Mainly C’s

Arya Stark


Mainly D’s

Matilda Wormwood



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