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Upcoming January Releases

Upcoming January Releases

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Upcoming releases


This week will be our first publication day of the year, with around 40 new books coming out on Thursday, January 26th.


We previously spotlighted a selection of our upcoming children's books. If you missed the blog post, check it out via the link below.


Today we are looking at some of our other books releasing on Thursday. We have picked out a book from each genre to spotlight on our blog today.


For all upcoming releases you can find them on the Coming Soon section of our website here:





My Inner Voice

Liz Gillespie

Poems are just stories written in a rhythmic way. This book is another collection of my own poetic stories gleaned from my personal and family life and from my observations of the world around us. Sit back and enjoy these stories and see if you can relate to any of them.








Marina Koroleva





On the Turquoise Coast, in the Mediterranean, lies the ancient city of Antalya, host to the Beautiful Life hotel and the Dream Beach. Tanya - a beautiful Russian woman - is married to Savash, the owner of the resort, but their relationship is stale, thanks to his womanising. Their lives are irrevocably changed by the arrival of a dance troupe and one compelling samba dancer, in particular. Lawrence, a celebrated international basketball player also encounters this mesmeric young dancer, who seems to elicit exceptionally strong feelings wherever she dances. Sometimes, disasters can turn into triumphs...






Hollowmoon: The Magic Casket

J M Drummond





Young Peter flees from his father's aggressive behaviour one summer when he decides to spend the school holidays with a family friend at Hollowmoon Grange. Yet before he even arrives, Peter encounters several mysterious happenings on his train journey there. These intensify further more when he reaches his final destination and discovers that a strange magic is afoot within the neighbouring Hollowmoon Forest. Trees fall down without warning, the woodland creatures are at war with each other, and winter storms rage in the middle of summer. Dream-like visions and surreal visitations lead Peter on a quest to uncover the truth. He is tasked with restoring the equilibrium of Hollowmoon Forest but can he save the woodland and its inhabitants before it's too late? Join Peter and his friends in a fast-paced fantasy with a modern-day ecological message.







John Himmelman





On a dig in a Spanish desert, archeologist Jennifer Moore uncovers the skeleton of a young Neanderthal, a prehistoric branch of humans that mysteriously vanished. In its hand is a bone flute. But Neanderthals were not known to create music.


40,000 years earlier, Skeetu, one of the last remaining Neanderthals, finds a flute. This leads her to a small band of Homo sapiens-our ancestors. With her Woolly Rhino, Bulo, they travel together in search of more of their kind. Saber-toothed tigers, monstrous hyenas, cave bears, wolves, and winter storms challenge their survival.


Forward to present time: Jennifer is racing backwards through her dreams; seeing through the eyes of one ancestor to the next. Could it have something to do with the flute she stole from the dig site?


Neandergirl is in essence a time travel story, joining family across the span of 40,000 years, and plays with the challenges of companionship-not between two races, but two different species of human beings.




Crime & Thriller



Derek Newton





Dr John Douglas, a scientist, has made it his life's work to find a cure for drug addiction after losing his best friend to drugs at university when they were still young men. Finally, he launches the culmination of his years of labour: ZENDUST, a medicine that will stop any addiction in its tracks.


As he triumphantly tours the world, John becomes caught up in the limelight of attention from the world's media. ZENDUST is hailed the saviour of the world. The business world is hungry for the potential profits from the commercialisation of ZENDUST and governments look to save their healthcare costs.


Gradually he begins to neglect his wife, Val, who is lonely and vulnerable at home. Annie, his daughter, enters university intent on enjoying her new found freedom. She experiments with drugs, encouraged by the notion that she will avoid addiction by virtue of her father's invention.


Powerful factions are unleashed by the ZENDUST revolution. Pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to miss the ZENDUST opportunity and violent Colombian drug barons are determined not to lose the vast wealth from their illegal business. Driven by money and greed on both sides, treachery and violence ensue by way of the most cunningly contrived plans, with twists and turns leading to unexpected and devastating consequences.


Annie and John come face-to-face with the reality that when a miracle drug is discovered, the fallout and effects are far-reaching, tragic and deadly.




Science Fiction

Child In Time

Rick Goldman





David Walker disappeared in the summer of 1969 and was assumed dead.

Imagine going to work one day, then waking up in 2019 without knowledge he had gone to sleep for fifty years in suspended animation.

Would he be able to live successfully in the life he now faced, being the world's first cryonaut , and with a son who he last saw as a three-year-old, who was now an older man?

It was difficult trying to cope with the latest technology, and he was sad that he had missed the birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths of those he loved - in particular his wife, Blossom.

David continued to work with the Suspended Animation Program, with little knowledge that his pioneering work would be used to save his son from a cruel, debilitating disease. But, a sinister plan was afoot when his son was captured, facing certain death.




Historical Fiction


The Scots of Dalriada

Rowena Kinread






Fergus, Loarn and Angus, Princes of the Dalriada, are forced into exile by their scheming half-brother and the druidess Birga One-tooth.


Fergus conceals himself as a stable lad on Aran and falls helplessly in love with a Scottish princess, already promised to someone else. Loarn crosses swords against the Picts. Angus designs longboats.


Always on the run the brothers must attempt to outride their adversaries by gaining power themselves. Together they achieve more than they could possibly dream of.

Fergus Mór (The Great) is widely recognised as the first King of Scotland, giving Scotland its name and its language. Rulers of Scotland and England from Kenneth mac Alpín until the present time claim descent from Fergus Mór.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, this is a tale of heart-breaking love amidst treachery, deceit and murder.





Contemporary Fiction


I Eat Men Like Air

Alice Berman





A lavish, snowy weekend in New Hampshire ends in tragedy - and, a few months later, one of the party-goers is found dead. As famed podcaster Tyler Carroll tries to discover the truth around Alex Sable's dramatic death, he turns to the native Upper East Siders who knew the billionaire's son best. Each of the six people Tyler is investigating has something to hide, and each has chosen a wildly different path: Lulu is an LA influencer, Maxie a Park Avenue Princess turned Chicago housewife, Will a status-obsessed lawyer, Rob a money-hungry trader, Yael a not-so-innocent ER doctor, and Alex himself a party boy with a penchant for darker trouble than even his friends knew. With the shadow of a fifteen-year-old crime hanging over Alex's life, Tyler delves deeply into the complex past that seems almost to have disappeared from memory, hoping to find any answers around who Alex was, alive and dead.






Diary of a 60's Teenager

John C Teasdale





What was growing up in the swinging sixties like for a teenage boy in Nottingham? An only child in a family of modest means who was keen on sport. How did he survive in a world without mobile phones, computers and colour TV? His class was asked to keep a weekly diary; what did he write about? Was it girls, sport, films, school, dances? How did he miss the chance to see The Beatles at a local venue just after their first number one hit? From the diary kept safe for nearly sixty years, the author selects entries over a two year period when aged fourteen to sixteen. Compare your teenage experiences with his.






Satyromaniac - A Love Story

R. J. Covington





As a married father and CEO of a booming tech company, the author was executing his long-designed plan to sell his company and realize the American dream. But in that exact moment of presumed triumph, dark ominous clouds rolled in, pelting him with a series of devastating misfortunes that stripped him of everything: self-worth, identity, money and family. The eventual journey toward recovery would unexpectedly thrust him onto a tollroad through the sexual underbelly of America. This is a story about one man's descent from self-confident entrepreneur and family man, to social leper who furtively detours into the world of sex clubs, paid escort encounters and massage parlors. Along the way, the memoir digs deep into the minds and stories of the many women serving the industry, humanizing them in the process and shattering preconceived notions about these women.




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