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Top 5 Spring Books

Top 5 Spring Books

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It’s that time of year again when the nights are drawing out, blossoms are blooming, the temperature is slowly rising and there is no better indicator of spring than birds chirping outside your window! Spring is a time for Easter eggs, spring cleaning, pretty scented flowers and what’s better than relaxing and unwinding outside to enjoy the fresh spring sunshine with a wonderful book to read…

Here are 5 books we’ll be reading this spring:




                 Getting on With It, by Pippa Holmes


Katy, a city girl through and through, never expected to find herself living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. However, a series of events including an annoying ex-boyfriend made her think that maybe London wasn't such a great place after all and that she should try the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. Katy was soon on a steep learning curve, having met and married Charlie, a farmer with a variety of livestock and a seven bedroomed house. She gradually adapts to this new life in her own inimitable way and is responsible for the birth and development of her very own farm shop.

This hilarious and pithy book follows Katy's life on the farm through to old age, and includes the eccentric Cynthia along with a son and various grandchildren - not forgetting the bull and thirty fickle chickens!






The Lily and the Rose, by Nick Morrice


As young Ben turns seven, all he thinks about are the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. And yet, as he grows up, it slowly dawns on him that his own life appears to be running parallel with that of Sir Gawain, the hero of his favourite medieval poem. Ben's life changes dramatically, but how does he end up in Nepal and Bangladesh, helping a young man fulfil his own ambitions?







           Pink Gins Under a Mango Tree, by Joanne van Driessen


Life is a series of dramas and, big or small, they should all be remembered. 

Pink Gins Under A Mango Tree spans two decades, set in the tropical Gold Coast of West Africa during the colonial days before independence and then in the newly independent Ghana. This is about the life and dramas of a middle-class family, the father, a Dutch Resistance fighter and survivor of Dachau, his strong willed young English bride and their three daughters.

Sylvie relocates from the north-east of England to join her husband, Rudi, in Ghana. In stark contrast to her life in England, Sylvie finds herself in an exotic country living the high life, with maids and servants to take care of the mundane running of the house and grounds.

However, Sylvie soon begins to scratch the surface of her idyllic surroundings and see people for who they truly are. A visit to the doctor with unexpected results, a callous husband who is more interested in other people's opinions than his own wife's health, a return trip to England with horrifying events and a surprise visit to her husband's office all test and challenge Sylvie.

Could a blossoming friendship be the start of a new life for Sylvie once again?





Arietta, by Kevin McGann


Three complete strangers arrive at the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Arietta, a successful businesswoman, is going through a crisis in her life; she knows what she has to do but isn't sure if she has the strength or courage to see it through. Scared and confused, she has fled Manhattan to the solace of the island.

Several years ago, James' wife Clair left, leaving him sad, angry and bitter. The island is the last place he wants to be, but a promise must be kept.

Cheryl, an attractive, struggling, single-mother, is vacationing with her daughter, Caleigh. The last few years tending to her daughter's illness has not only taken an emotional and financial toll on Cheryl, but left her feeling inaccessible, and lonely.

As events unfold and their paths cross, their lives intertwine. Can these unlikely strangers help one another move forward with their lives and find love once again




The Party Girl's Invitation, Karen Elaine Campbell (Ebook)


Crystal took a moment to scrutinise the once familiar landmarks, strangely smaller and more faded than she remembered, she’d done this journey a hundred times or more in her youth, but now with adult eyes, it seemed almost inconsequential. Travel weary and jaded, balance was what she sought now. Her eyes pricked, and she rubbed crossly at her face, adding even more grime to the ‘panda’ eyes she’d applied so long ago at the make-up counter in Macy’s, on her way to the airport.

A simple train journey, from glitzy corporate London, to the family firm in rural Wiltshire, liberates Crystal from her colourful past and delivers ‘Mr Right’ into her wretchedly barren life. With the dubious assistance of her amiable, slightly eccentric family, ‘The Party Girl’ swaps her jet-setting lifestyle and sexy Manolo’s for practical Hunters and a borrowed Land Rover, as she takes on the faltering arrangements for the ‘party of the season’. If she can avoid an infatuated suitor, her ex-lover and an ex-employer while controlling the ruinous party finances, then the struggling venture may be her salvation. The stakes are high and Crystal always plays to win, but will she find success, before her past catches up with her and threatens to tear her world apart?












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